Bend’s Leehaven Residential


Tasked with assessing the transportation impacts of a residential infill project in Bend, Oregon, Lancaster worked with the City of Bend and Hayden Homes, the residential developer, to implement creative and progressive solutions to mitigate impact. The site is adjacent to Neff Road, an arterial roadway, in an area transitioning between a narrower, lower speed section through a residential area with an adjacent school, to a higher speed, wider section in a commercial area adjacent to a hospital.

Rather than widening Neff Road adjacent to the site to install a left-turn lane, even when traditional vehicle volume-based turn lane warrants were met, we instead secured approval for narrower lanes and installation of a marked crossing with a pedestrian refuge as mitigation. The crossing provides a vital connection between the Larkspur Trail, a regional trail to the south, with a school, park, and residential neighborhood to the north. This treatment will also extend the slower, residential character of the roadway, preserving walkability and encouraging non-automotive travel choices.