Seaside School District

2017 – 2018


Lancaster Engineering provided transportation engineering and planning services for the Seaside School District in pursuing an Urban Growth Boundary amendment for approximately 50 acres near the Seaside Heights Elementary School. The goal of the amendment, annexation, and zone change was to provide an area for the relocation of Gearhart Elementary School, Broadway Middle School, and Seaside High School outside of the tsunami inundation zone.

Lancaster prepared transportation impact analyses that evaluated the safety of the transportation system and analyzed impacts for the relocation of the three schools under both the planning horizon and year-of-opening scenarios. In addition to determining the transportation needs for the relocation of the schools, a parking analysis was conducted to ensure an adequate supply of parking spaces for the new consolidated school campus.

Following the preparation of the required traffic studies, Lancaster Engineering attended neighborhood meetings in addition to Planning Commission and City Council hearings to explain the findings of the reports, answer any questions, listen to concerns, and provide any requested additional analysis.